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Pressure Sensitive Rug Carpet Alarm Clock

The majority of us out there love our sleep. It is no secret that getting up is one of the toughest things to do for a lot of us during the day. Those who do fight that battle everyday, also know that getting out of bed is quite possibly the most effective ways to properly wake up, but again, one of the hardest things to do. 

Our rug alarm clock is the perfect solutions for us sleep lovers. The idea is simple, the alarm can only be turned off when the user steps on it for 5 seconds. This quite possibly be one of the most effective alarm clocks in the market, as it forces the user to physically get out of their bed it turn in off! 


  • Bright Digital LED clock display, doubles as night light
  • Modern minimalistic look which suits any room style and decor
  • High density memory foam which is incredibly comfortable to lay your feet on
  • Customize-able Alarm/Post Alarm, allowing you to use your favorite music 
  • Connect your computer with the USB port at the back of the mat to customize alarm music


  • Color: Creamy White
  • Size: 400mm x 380mm (15.7" x 15.0")
  • Material: Flannelette and Memory Foam
  • Power: Three AAA batteries (not included)
  • Speaker: Fidelity Full Range Speaker
  • Pressure Sensor: Double-sided silver conducting film, double layer millisecond sensor

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