Magnetic Adjustable Wristband Tool Holder

One of the biggest problems for handymen is keeping all your tools, screws and nails organized and nearby when working on a project or a job. Especially if you are on a ladder or awkward spot, you need your tools and fasteners right beside you, in order to avoid a difficult trip back to the toolbox. 

Our adjustable wristband tool holder might just become the most important accessory for any handyman, as it allows you to keep and organize your most needed tools and fasteners available as close to your hands as possible at all times, saving you time, space, and organization. This wristband is a must have for any handyman and contractor, perfect for home improvement, construction, wood working, carpentry, auto repair and many more projects! 

Available in 3 different colors. 


Size: 350mm width, 90mm lenght 

Material: Polyester 

Wrist size: Adjustable 


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