Flexible Silicone USB Cable Holder - Mountable Anywhere (Car, desk, etc.)

Ever find yourself searching for the cable end? Ever find yourself untangling your cables and having to pry them out of hard to get spots because the cable happened to slip down some crevice on the side of of your desk, or laying somewhere on the floor of your car?

This versatile silicone cable holder solves all of those problems, in a well-organized, elegant way. The cable holder is flexible, and comes with high quality 3M adhesive, allowing you to stick it to virtually any surface, like on your car dashboard, side of your desk, TV table, or anywhere where there is a mess of cables. 

The cross design allows for most cable sizes to fit through easy, and the design also serves to make sure the cable will be held firmly in place, only removed when needed by the user. 

The package comes with 2 single holders, and 1 double holder. Available in 4 different colors to suit any setting! 


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