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64W Portable And Foldable Solar Panel With USB And DC Output (For Laptops)

There are many electronic devices that make our lives easy, such as Smartphones, tablets, gps units, laptops, to name among a few.

However, there are times when access to power is difficult to get, especially when you're outdoors during a camping or a hiking trip.

But there is one source of power that is readily accessible almost all day, and that is sunlight. This 64W solar panel ensures that you'll never be without an accessible source of power. Either connect the panel to a battery bank, or directly to your electronic device using USB or the provided DC cable, and the magic of solar power will take care of the rest!


  • High energy production with solar panels producing 64W, that can power bigger devices like laptops
  • Has USB and DC power outputs, can charge two devices simultaneously 
  • Safety Protection: CE certified. Overcharge, over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection technology keep you and your device safe! 
  • Smart IC resets the chargers automatically for maximum panel output
  • Foldable and compact design: The panels easily fold into a size comparable to a magazine, allowing for easy of transport
  • High solar conversion: The panels convert a high 23% of the sunlight into electrical energy (compared to standard 13%-15%)
  • Water-proof material


  • Peak Power: 65W
  • Output: USB: 5V/2A (Max.) - DC 19V/3A (Max.)
  • Size: 190mm x 300mm x 80mm  (7.48" x 11.81" x 3.15") [Closed]

Package Contains:

  • 1 x Foldable Solar Panel
  • 1 x DC Cable
  • 1 x DC Cable Universal Pins
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Hook
  • 1 x User Manual

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