37 Piece Raspberry Pi/Arduino Sensor Module Set - smartkeep

37 Piece Raspberry Pi/Arduino Sensor Module Set

Package List:

  1. Small passive buzzer module KY-006
  2. 2-color LED module KY-011
  3. Hit sensor module KY-031
  4. Vibration switch module KY-002
  5. Photo resistor module KY-018
  6. Key switch module KY-004
  7. Tilt switch module KY-020
  8. 3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009
  9. Infrared emission sensor module KY-005
  10. 3-color LED module KY-016
  11. Mercury open optical module KY-017
  12. 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029
  13. Active buzzer module KY-012
  14. Temperature sensor module KY-013
  15. Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034
  16. Mini magnetic reed modules KY-021
  17. Hall magnetic sensor module KY-003
  18. Infrared sensor receiver module KY-022
  19. Class Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035
  20. Magic light cup module KY-027
  21. Rotary encoder module KY-040
  22. Optical broken module KY-010
  23. Detect the heartbeat module KY-039
  24. Reed module KY-025
  25. Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032
  26. Hunt sensor module KY-033
  27. Microphone sound sensor module KY-038
  28. Laser sensor module KY-008
  29. 5V relay module KY-019
  30. Temperature sensor module KY-001
  31. Temperature sensor module KY-028
  32. Linear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024
  33. Flame sensor module KY-026
  34. Sensitive microphone sensor module KY-037
  35. Temperature and humidity sensor module KY-015
  36. XY-axis joystick module KY-023
  37. Metal touch sensor module KY-036


Compatible with: Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B, 3B+, Arduino UNO R3, Mega 2560


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