Stress Relieving Mini Fidget Cube

We've all been there. You're stressed at work or at home, and you find yourself fidgeting with a random object, twisting and twirling it in your hands as you try to figure out how to solve the problem that has you stressed in the first place. 

Such activity helps relieve stress, as the foreign object allows you to avoid tunnel vision, allowing your brain to a second avenue to focus on, rather than overthinking about the problem that has you stressed. 

Our ancestors used ancient worry-stones, which helped serve the same purpose. But now it's the 21st century, and our methods of fidgeting must evolve as well! 

In comes our mini fidget cube, coming to the rescue! 

Now, we all have our different methods of fidgeting, some like to roll an object, some squeeze, some pick at it, while others push. 

This amazing cube has something for the fidgeter in all of us, giving you 6 unique and awesome ways you can play around with, allowing you to relieve stress in your way! 



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